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Warranty on panel making

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Anmeldedatum: 07.02.2020
Beiträge: 8

BeitragVerfasst am: 17.05.2020 20:56    Titel: Warranty on panel making Antworten mit Zitat

Guarantee in panel making and repair and service of Chelnium panel:
All of us humans buy necessities and necessities during the day and night. Many of the things we buy, such as fruits, vegetables, food, and snacks, are consumed for a short time and are not permanent, but when We buy household items and electronics, we want the goods to have a warranty and after-sales service so that we can trust that brand and make our purchase with ease. Trade is connected like a chain that starts from the market and the stock market and currency and then reaches the wholesalers and then the retailers come to work and then the customer who is the final consumer receives the goods or services. It expects to be able to make the most efficient use of the products or
services it has purchased in return for the money it pays for the life of the tools purchased. Most of the products offered to customers in the business world have a warranty and after-sales service and support, which makes it easy for customers to buy a product or receive a product with ease and pills. Guaranteing a product provides credibility and trust for that brand. Among the various businesses that exist, signage is also one of the ways in which the majority of its products include warranty and after-sales service.

What does warranty mean?

Guarantee is the commitment, warranty and free services provided to customers for
products and services purchased over a period of time. In fact, when manufacturers provide products or services to customers according to the standards and agreements mentioned in the warranty of those products or services, in case of any problem in those products or services, the manufacturers or service providers are responsible for it. Repair the product for free or for a smaller fee or replace if necessary.

Painting warranty:
Warranty of billboards:
Painting is one of the methods of advertising that there are many competitors in this business class and the materials and accessories required in painting are all related to different companies, brands and countries and it is available in the original and sub-type, so when customers To order billboards, they refer to billboards or billboards. To order some kind of billboards such as steel billboards,
Chelnium billboards, vacuum billboards, LED billboards, flexi billboards, lightbox billboards, neon billboards, pixel billboards, city TV, Guides and other billboards hear different prices This is because the construction of billboards requires the use of tools that belong to different manufacturers, and each has different prices depending on their quality, for example, Chelnium rolls by different countries in sizes. And there are several colors for which different prices have been set. Chelniums that are marketed under the brand Alvapeid or Aluband are very different in quality from Chinese and Iranian Chelniums, and excellent and first-class materials have been used to make them. They are highly resistant and can be used for many years Steel sheet is also used for making steel boards. Steel sheets also contain original and sub-sheets, which may not be noticed by customers who do not know about the advertising board, although it can be easily used by a magnet. Find out if the steel sheet is genuine or secondary, because the original steel is not absorbed by the magnet. These two examples can clearly state the reason for the different prices given for making a painting. Products that are not original certainly do not have a warranty, or if they do, they have a short-term warranty with many notes that are better than no warranty. So if you want to order a billboard that you use as a shop sign, store sign or company sign, it is better to use the original goods with a guarantee at a higher cost at the beginning to make sure that the billboard is on the head. In the shop, for a long time, it can advertise your branding to the public in a brilliant and brilliant way, and in case of any problem, it will be easily solved by a call from a work technician. Now a question arises:

What can the warranty of the billboards include?
Prominent letterboard warranty can include panel frame, letter surface, letterheads, panel underlayer, LED or SMD lamps and other materials that any panel company can use according to the quality of tools and materials used for construction. The panel guarantees these devices and equipment for a certain period of time and is obliged to fulfill its obligations in return for this guarantee. One of the most widely used billboards in the field of signage at the moment, which is widely ordered by guilds, businessmen and business owners, is the Chelnium sign, which we will discuss below about the warranty and how to repair and service the Chelnium sign:

Repair and service of Chelnium panel and other billboards:
Repair and service of Chelnium panel SMD and other billboards:
LED and SMD lamps are the lamps that were marketed after neon lamps in order to provide lighting and panel lighting. These lamps are placed in blocks and strips on the board and bring light to the board. If several lamps burn out and turn off, that part of the embossed letters will remain dark, which will cause the board to go into question. Reduces the beauty of the painting. LED or SMD lamps are used to provide light to all billboards such as steel panels, vacuum panels, Chelnium panels, lightbox panels, plastic neon panels, polyester panels, Lasogasy panels and other items that are also used by these lamps. There are different countries with different brands in the market that using famous and quality brands can increase the life of these lamps and prevent them from burning early. If you burn some of the lamps that are included in the embossed letters, you can Replaced the bulbs.

LED panel repair and service:
LED panels can be applied in two different ways, namely fixed LED panel and flow panel. In general, the components of the LED panel include modules, control board, power supply, panel frame and washer, which can be replaced and repaired if any of these components are damaged. One of the components that can be damaged in a smooth LED panel is usually the power supply, which needs to be repaired and replaced due to its material and quality. The other is the modules, and because the modules in the current panel are in the form of The series is connected. When the first or second module is turned off, the rest of the modules are also turned off. In this way, the switched off parts have problems in display and need to be repaired and replaced. The panel maker uses the tools to diagnose the fault. Available can be used using tools such as multimeters to measure current and input and output voltages. And solder wire, pliers, phase meter, folding wire, screwdriver, pliers and other items try to fix the defects in the billboard.

Urban TV repair and service:
City TV, like the flow panel, consists of modules, power supplies, and a digital display that may provide problems such as control boards, sockets, power supplies, partial power outages, and more. The panel maker's hands can be removed.

Advantages of billboards:
Gain customer trust

Order with ease

Attract more customers

Fast fixes
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