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Best Business Website Builder Tools

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Anmeldedatum: 15.04.2020
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BeitragVerfasst am: 04.08.2020 16:56    Titel: Best Business Website Builder Tools Antworten mit Zitat

A product of InMotion Hosting, this builder differs somewhat from others on the list as it can be used either as a fully-hosted website page builder or a WordPress plugin. It’s a nice way to experience the flexibility of WordPress while adding simplicity to the site creation process. There is no learning curve as such thanks to a simple drag-and-drop builder. The software even includes a WYSIWYG editor along with numerous free WP themes to make your business site as attractive as possible. If that’s not all, the free images add extra oomph to your site. Best website builder software for business.

Bluehost takes all the fuss out of launching a new business brand or store online. While newbies might take a while to get used to the builder, they can always turn to the helpful Bluehost team. Many freebies are available with this tool, such as unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage, a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and storage. This, along with numerous options for site building services, provides new website owners with everything they need to get started at competitive prices.

If you wish to build a business site according to precise specifications, Sitey will get the job done in no time with its drag-and-drop system. Each of the available templates is responsive, and is compatible with the coding and SEO best practices prescribed by Google. While most of the functionality of this builder comes from extensions and plugins, the receptive customer service team makes the whole process quite easy. The Sitey team is available 24 X 7 and can help you out whenever you face a problem.

This site creator uses something pre-customizable called “Stripes”. Setting up a professional website takes just a few minutes since all templates offered by IM Creator are retina-ready. Thus, they can be programmed for immediate use with a live audience. You can place each design onto sites that utilize numerous pages. IM Creator resolves any hosting problems since users automatically gain access to unlimited bandwidth and hosting.

One of the best ecommerce site builders in the market right now, Jimdo helps set up online stores without the fuss of shopping carts. Just download a dedicated ecommerce theme presented by Jimdo and you’re good to go. Even largescale ecommerce sites are supported by Jimdo. Normally, business owners will find every feature and option they need to keep their site running efficiently. Even though Jimdo is a free site builder, paid versions are available with lots of great additional features.

Webs provides businesses with a simple builder platform. The tool is intuitive and easy-to-use and features pre-built website designs along with lots of amazing features. This is a fully-hosted platform that removes all the stress of updates, software, and backups. The intuitive builder enables you to choose from lots of professional-looking site designs. Every design comes with customizable configurations and you can edit everything easily with a simple point-and-click. Text, maps, contact forms, images, and videos can easily be dragged and dropped onto the page.
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