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when it comes to major tourna

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Anmeldedatum: 25.02.2019
Beiträge: 45

BeitragVerfasst am: 01.03.2019 05:42    Titel: when it comes to major tourna Antworten mit Zitat

Katherine Brunt is an old hand when it comes to major tournaments, displaying nerves of steel in the 2009 World Twenty20 final to record figures of 3-6 and help England beat New Zealand to the title. But the seamer still gets sick ahead of big events and feels no different with the latest Womens World T20 getting underway in India this week.Brunt will be a key cog for England as they aim to better their runners-up spot in the previous two editions, with the team pipped by Australia on both occasions, in Sri Lanka in 2012 and Bangladesh two years ago.Speaking to Sky Sports, the Barnsley-born bowler discussed what winning the event would mean to her, the impact of new England coach Mark Robinson and the Yin to her Yang, Anya Shrubsole…Hi Katherine. Youve been around at big events for a while now, but do you still get nervous as a world tournament approaches?Of course I do! I did wonder when that feeling would go away but it never does. Its always the same and I always feel a bit sick!How do you think you have changed as a cricketer since you made your England debut in 2004?I have had to learn different skills along the way and become physically fitter as I play all three formats - I want to have a long career so I have had to manage my back. Im still learning all the time, especially with new England coach Mark Robinson on board. England captain Charlotte Edwards is also full of praise for new head coach Mark Robinson. What has he brought to your game?He has made me feel like there is more left in the old horse yet! He is all for taking you outside of your comfort zone - thats not really what I do personally, but it has helped me realise that I need to push myself and that I can work on my failings.As a former fast bowler, has Mark had a few tips and tactics for you?Not really. He has spent a lot of time getting to know the team and also focussed on our batting style and how we are going to approach an innings. He wants us to be positive and aggressive and thats how I play my cricket, with both bat and ball. Im quite a fiery character on the pitch and like to take on shots and take on anyone who comes at me. Thats what Mark is pushing from numbers one to 11. We havent perfected that style yet - it always takes time with a new coach - but we are well on the way. Katherine could be crucial for England with the bat, too Can you reassure us that the back injury that disrupted your recent tour of South Africa has cleared up?Yes, I feel great. I had a long winter season abroad and technically no time off since the end of the English county season to stop and collect myself physically and mentally. I got to a point where I needed that break before the World T20 so, while it was disappointing to cut my South Africa trip short, my back is now in the best shape its been in for a while. Im definitely ready to go.You seem confident and your team must be, too, after reaching the last two World T20 finals?We dont like being runners-up, thats for sure! I think there are at least four teams, possibly six, competing at the same level so its not dead-set for anyone. Its anyones game and will be about who handles the pressure best. Watch England Women in action in the ICC Womens World T20 A key for England could be the way you and Anya Shrubsole perform with the ball up front. Why do you think you work so well as a partnership?Mainly because one of us swings it in and the other swings it away. We feel like we can keep a left-right batting combination on their toes - I feel I have a great off-cutter and she has a great leg-cutter, so we are Yin and Yang. If one of us is getting through dot balls, the other is taking wickets. In world cricket, I think we are right up there in partnerships.Are you also Yin and Yang as people?Its quite funny actually. We have been doing these tests recently to see how you are in yourself and in a working environment and how you can work with your team-mates better - and Anya and I are on completely different ends of the scale in terms of personality. Everything I do annoys her and everything she does annoys me, so its bizarre we work so well together. I guess, though, that you become a different person on the pitch - I know I certainly do. Anya Shrubsole - Katherines bowling partner and personality opposite! Youve been in India for a few days now. Have you managed to get out and about?Not just yet. Weve been quite happy to stay in one place as a team and really train and rest well. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the touristy things when you want to win so I guess well save that for after the tournament has finished. We want to stay focussed.What would it mean to you to win the World T20?Its why I play. World Cups are the pinnacle of our game and why I train so hard. You always get a certain feeling when you come to these events as all the teams are giving it everything, we play alongside the men and the media coverage is ramped up. Its brilliant - I love the pressure, I love the hype and it brings out the best in me.Watch England Womens World T20 opener against Bangladesh from 9.30am, Thursday, Sky Sports 2. Yeezy Boost China Cheap . It will then be back to business once the puck drops as the two clubs battle for key points in their respective playoff races. Watch the game live on TSN Canadiens and listen on TSN Radio 690 starting at 7:30pm et. Yeezy Shoes For Sale Cheap .com) - Guess whos back, back again? Josh Gordons back, tell a friend. http://www.cheapyeezychina.com/. Jacob Jacques, Andrew Ryan and Jonathan Drouin also scored for Halifax (37-18-3), who outshot the Islanders 40-26. Kevin Darveau stopped 25 shots. Bradley Kennedy had the lone goal for Charlottetown (18-33-5), which has nine losses in its last 10 games. Yeezys Cheap For Sale . The Bruins forward has been fined $5,000 by the National Hockey League for spearing Red Wings defenceman Danny DeKeyser in the groin. Yeezy Shoes Wholesale . So it was understandable if he was a little shaky early in his return to the Texas Rangers rotation. He spent most of the outing searching for his best stuff, but still managed to shut down the struggling Minnesota Twins offence. Chicken burrito nothing spicy cc: @ChipotleTweets RT @jentheleaffan: @KlipschAudioCAN whats your go-to Chipotle order? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 Adam Graves. RT @CaElvisd: #KlipschJVR who did you admire as a young lad and why? — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Peter Forsberg. RT @leafsoholic: @KlipschAudioCAN @JVReemer21 #KlipschJVR why did you pick the number 21? — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Brodeur b/c hes a legend RT @proppa_dj: @MapleLeafs @KlipschAudioCAN #KlipschJVR whos your fav goalie to play against? — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Dion or Phil RT @jvreims: @KlipschAudioCAN whos the funniest guy on the team? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: iphone. xbox and Chipotle RT @zaindamani: Whats something you cant live without? @KlipschAudioCAN #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Was going for a business degree first. RT @musicislove127: Did you always know you wanted to be in the NHL? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Distracting RT @leafbud: @KlipschAudioCAN What was it like to work with Megan Fox in This is 40? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Suits RT @jxmesreimer: Whats your favourite TV show? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Roman Polak RT @87HockeyGirl: Whos the best singer on the team? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: On my playlist for sure! @taylorswift13 RT @101leafs: Are you a Taylor Swift fan? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: As long as its blue and white, its all good.dddddddddddd RT @colbornefan: Should I get your jersey or Riellys #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Big soccer fan. RT @jdoucer93: @KlipschAudioCAN whats your favourite sport besides hockey?? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: The @Raptors RT @AbTheLeafFan: @KlipschAudioCAN Which of the other Toronto sports teams do you enjoy watching? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Phil or Dion. RT @AlayneLangford: @KlipschAudioCAN @jxmesreimer #KlipschJVR #Leafs Who is the best ping pong player on the team? — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: Diehard Rangers fan. RT @101leafs: Which team did you want to play for as a kid? #KlipschJVR — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 JVR: and to @101leafs - thnx for the Q about @TvanRiemsdyk6. Fav today. Sending you a set of @MapleLeafs #ImageONEs pic.twitter.com/52LuSWiYSD — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) November 17, 2014 ' ' '
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